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Nationals Regatta, October 14th at GGYC
Our Nationals Regatta is coming up on October 14th. We would like to encourage everyone to come out and join the fleet for a really fun racing event to wrap up the season.
Here's a chance for all of you who haven't raced this year to get in one last day of racing against the best in our fleet. This year we'll have the party all to ourselves at the fun and fabulous Golden Gate Yacht Club. Here's your chance to show that - even though you've missed racing all summer - you can sail as fast as anybody out there.
Who knows, maybe legends of the past might race - or come to share their wisdom! We've had a number of boats sold recently, so maybe the past owners will come to cheers and new owners will bring their new rides! Add all of them to this year's active racers and we'd have a great fleet of Islanders on the line. If your haven't raced, you stand the best chance of all to really come out and surprise everyone. EVERY Islander 36 is invited. Now THAT would be a really special Nationals Regatta!!
Find the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and sign up at: 2017 Nationals Regatta.

I-36 Sept 2017 Newsletter!
Newsletter Editor Phill Seaman's September issue is full of fun. Enjoy articles from our members around the country -- and contribute your own to future issues! Here's your link: I-36 September 2017 Newsletter.

HMB Yacht Club
Half Moon Bay Cruise 9/1-4
Here's some input from the Half Moon Bay Cruise. Half Moon Bay Cruise.

I-36 Racing
In light winds on July 22nd's two races, Rich Shoenhair's Windwalker held on to 1st place for the season with a 1st and a 3rd. Fleet Captain Eric Mueller's Serenity captured a 1st and a 4th for the day, while Jocelyn and Steve Swanson's Zingara picked up a 2nd and a 3rd. That keeps Zingara in 2nd place for the season, one point ahead of Serenity. Rich Eagan's Kapai finished with a 4th and a 2nd, and sits in 4th for the season, 3 points behind Serenity.
The Coyote Point Destination Race/Cruise wound up with some confusion, so it's not being counted this year.
The last race in the Season's Championship series is the 1st Season Closer race on Saturday, September 30th, and it's a Spinnaker Choice race. (The 2nd race on October 1st doesn't count for the season.)
2017 Race Results

August 5th Coyote Point Race and Destination Cruise
Great sailing and having fun pictures at Coyote Point Cruise.

Beautiful Islanders
July 4th Benicia Cruise
Plenty of sunshine and wind for this year's Benicia cruise! More at Benicia Cruise.

Summer Sailstice at Encinal! Saturday, June 24, 2017
It was a beautiful day to celebrate Summer Sailstice, and Encinal Yacht Club did a bang up job. There were vendors all over the lawn where you could get info, clothing and Dark 'n Stormys with Goslings rum. At least 4 Encinal members took members of the public out sailing in the estuary, including our own I-36 Secretary (and Encinal YC Senior Vice President) Bill Nork with Zenith. Every ride was filled, with perhaps 100 people getting out to sail. There were some Laser races, a cardboard boat race, and a Coast Guard helicopter water rescue demonstration right in front of the docks. Here's more at Sailstice at Encinal.

Vallejo Race
Vallejo Race, May 6-7
Light winds made for a challenging Vallejo Race, but we had both Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker racers enjoying the weekend. Here's more at Vallejo Race.
Check out the Season Standings at Results. Next Race, YRA #2, is June 24th!

Spring Meeting
I-36 Spring Meeting, 3/18/17 at Golden Gate YC
It was a great way to officially start the 2017 Islander 36 season. 42 people, representing 22 boats gathered at Golden Gate Yacht Club for the event. Pictures and a fun story at Spring Meeting.

3 Bridge Fiasco
Three Bridge Fiasco, January 28, 2017
We got lucky with a nice day for the annual Three Bridge Fiasco race on January 28th. Eight Islanders spent a long day in everything from a nice sailing breeze to frustrating drifting, with Commodore Susan and Bill Nork's Zenith emerging the winner with Cassiopeia and Windwalker in 2nd and 3rd. Great pictures and a fun story at 3 Bridge Fiasco.

'Round Alameda, January 1, 2017
'Round Alameda Parade, January 1, 2017
What a great turn out by your Islander fleet! 30 people representing 11 Islanders sailed aboard 6 boats on the waters of the Oakland Estuary and San Francisco Bay around Alameda Island to ring in 2017 in style. The weather was about as good as it could get. A cloudy morning cleared to clear blue skies with a light northwest wind. With air temperature in the mid 50s, sitting on the sunny, wind-sheltered deck at Aeolian Yacht Club, it was practically bikini time! The crisp skies made for good pictures at Ballena Bay YC and the afternoon sea breeze kicked in gently to provide a sparkling sail home for those that rounded Alameda and sailed back down the Oakland Estuary to their berths. Lots of pictures to tell the story, so follow the link to: 'Round Alamdea 2017.

Welcome Aboard
Fall Meeting, Saturday, November 5th at ISLAND YACHT CLUB
Island Yacht Club was a great host for our Fall Meeting & Winner's Dinner on Saturday, November 5th. Where else do you see the overflowing appetizer shrimp bowl, with a tangy dipping sauce, refilled not once, but twice during cocktail hour, and the cheese, veggies, crackers and bruschetta complemented the shrimp nicely. Our dinner entrees of pork tenderloin or salmon were nicely cooked, and the grilled vegetables, kale salad, mashed potatoes and rice pilaf were just right. Commodore Nork had a wonderful 3I6 logo-decorated carrot cake sheet cake to accompany IYC's cheery cheese cake for dessert. Add in a warm atmosphere of nautical flags and a ship in the rafter, plus a continuous slide show of 2016's web page pictures on the screen during dinner, and you get a wonderful picture of a great Islander evening. You should have been there! In all we had 45 folks representing 22 Islanders in attendance. We had a wonderful representation of all ages,from 80's to 8's! Check out the Fall Meeting Story & Pictures.

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