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BAADS Sailors at The Gate

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Spring Meeting, Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the Golden Gate Yacht Club

It's a great way to kick off another season. Greet old friends and make some new ones. The Spring Meeting is the place to get reconnected for another year. Mark your calendars for March 21 at the Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco, then come spend the day. For that matter, bring your boat over Friday evening and get settled in for the weekend.

Commodore Rick Van Mell, ably assisted by Cruise Chair Ruby Blenderman and Race Chair Kit Wiegman are planning a Safe, Fun and Fair 2015 season. Plan to come by boat, or by car if that doesn't work, to choose the events that appeal to you and your boat.

Special Guest Speaker: we'll have a representative of Vessel Traffic Control (VTS) the Coast Guard operation that tracks and guides thousands of vessels traversing San Francisco Bay, and administers permits for marine events. Come find out more -- particularly how you can listen in to veseel traffic to be safer on the Bay when the really big boats are about. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions too.

Saturday morning it's time for Attitude Adjustment. The vast expanse of glass overlooking San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate, the open air of the Race Deck with the same view, and the cozy porch overlooking all the new docks in the Marina, are all just steps from the top of the stairs where you can sign in, get name tags, then get your beverage of choice at the bar. All that between 1130 and 1200.

Golden Gate YC always does a great job for lunch and Pat & Gary have ordered up a fine buffet lunch :

So, get your reservation in and choose your entree at: Upcoming Events.

Sail Trim Clinic, Saturday, March 28, 2015 at the Island Yacht Club

Getting a little rough around the edges? Need a trim? Want to make your boat go a little faster?

Race Chair Kit Wiegman is organizing a Sail Trim/Race clinic for Saturday, March 28th at Island Yacht Club in the Estuary. Kit has lined up sailmaker Kame Richards as our guest speaker. Kame will talk about the right way to set your boat up for different conditions and points of sail. This is an excellent opportunity to find out what the fastest racers know and how you can learn to go fast too. Cruisers benefit from learning how to handle their boats safer and better, or might just want to get their feet wet by crewing for someone or even racing their own boat.

Here's the general schedule:

0930 Sign In (You can come Friday evening if you'd like. And, you can have your crew meet you at IYC if that works in your plans.)
1000 Shore talk begins, including Kame Richards
1200 Lunch break (We'll have a make-your-own sandwich with sides buffet.)
1300 On The Water time to practice what you've learned.
1600 Return to the docks to celebrate the day, toast each other with a beverage, and disembark your crew if desired.

Participation fee, including lunch, is $15 per person.

So get more details and save your spot at the table at Race Clinic 2015.

Great Cruising Logs from Bert & Carey Vermeer
Bert & Carey Vermeer, hailing from Sidney, Vancouver Island, British Columbia pretty much sets the bar when it comes to having great cruises and sharing them with friends and the Islander Association. Add in his contributions to maintenance, and Bert can probably answer just about any question on how to set up your boat, go cruising, and bring it back all in one piece. His latest contributions are two more wonderful cruise logs. In addition to spectacular pictures and fun-to-follow narration, he's go tide and current information and often links to charts so you can follow along. He's made videos too, and one of these days, we'll get him to a meeting so you can enjoy the whole show and ask Bert every question you want. For now, here's the link to thier 2013 cruise to the western side (ocean) side of Vancouver Island, including the delights of Barclay and Nootka Sounds: 2013 Cruise . Then, for 2014, the cruise is to Desolation Sound on the mainland side of Strait of Georgia: 2014 Cruise. Be a bit patient, they're big files, but do sit back with a beverage of choice on a long winter night and get lost in the best cruising you'll see in a long time!

'Round Alameda Parade
'Round Alameda Parade, Thursday, January 1, 2015
Neither bright sun, blue skies, perfect wind nor a freezing start kept your intrepid Islander 36 sailors from appropriately kicking off a New Year of sailing on San Francisco Bay. Storm force cold winds downed trees and closed roads going into New Year's Eve, and that apparently greatly reduced the number of boats participating this year, including Islanders, but the story still has a happy ending.

Thanks to Smokey & Laurie Stover calling for all hands aboard Evanescence at 0900 you've got a story. Commodore Van Mell called Smokey on 12/30 to report a Weather Mutiny as Sandy was not up to moving Vanishing Animal in the wind and staying aboard in freezing weather. Could we volunteer as crew on (Sandy's favorite Freeport 36) Evanescence? "Yep." So we showed up at Fortman Marina and cast off at 0930.

So, to find out how we spied 9 folks representing 5 Islanders starting off 2015 in style, follow 'Round Alameda Parade.

Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors
Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors 2015
The Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors is an incredible group that promotes and teaches sailing to disabled individuals. They are based out of Pier 40/South Beach Marina and their keelboat fleet includes five keelboats, including the Islander 36 Orion, and all are specially rigged and equipped with adaptive features to make sailing San Francisco Bay possible for people with disabilities. Additionally, they have 23 Access Dinghies, ranging in size from 8 to 14 feet, all of which are specifically designed for people with disabilities. Some of these are equipped with servo motors so that people with severe physical disabilities can sail solo. BAADS is an Honorary member of your I-36 Association and you can follow and support them at: BAADS Home Page; or BAADS Blog Pictures or BAADS on Facebook.

Fall Meeting
SF Skyline
Fall Meeting and Winner's dinner at Richmond YC, November 1st
We had sixty-five folks representing 28 Islanders on hand for the Fall Meeting and Winner's Dinner at Richmond Yacht Club. It turned out to be a beautiful evening at RYC with a most unusual view of several big thunderheads visible to the south beyond San Francisco and down to the south Bay. Good conversations, great food, and a special gathering of our Islander friends. Fall Meeting Story and Pictures.

Nationals Regatta at Golden Gate YC, October 4th
It was worth waiting for! Eight Islanders sailed two good races for an outstanding 2014 Nationals Regatta held off Golden Gate Yacht Club on Saturday, October 4th. Counting up the crews and Race Management, we had over 40 people and 10 Islanders represented, and if you count Bella Luna crew David Chiodo's Freeport 36, that's 11 Islanders. Nationals Regatta Story and Pictures.

TI Cruise
Treasure Island Cruise and Flea Market, September 27-28
A perfect day for a cruise! Bright sun, gentle breeze (for San Francisco Bay) and a wonderufl mix that represents the best of the Islander Association. Nine boats were represented by 25 people. The great big Flea Market was fun for all. Especially good to have on board were our Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS) representing their I-36 Orion.

Treasure Island Cruise.

February Picture of the Month: BAADS Sails at the Gate
The ever-resourceful Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors sailing their I-36 Orion toward the Golden Gate Bridge.
We always need more pictures, so limber up your digital camera for some great Islander pictures, here's how.

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